Once there was a book…


Suzan Alteri, Editor

Suzan Alteri is the Curator of the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature. She recently presented at the Children’s Literature Annual Conference on the materiality of children’s literature and its importance to the broader humanities. Suzan will be spending lots of time on committees since she was just elected to the ChLA Article Award Committee and two ALA committees. This is her dream job and she loves sharing her passion for books and the history of books. Suzan is possibly allergic to Champagne and has two loveable cats – like all good librarians!

Kerry Elkins, Contributing Editor and Author

Kerry Elkins is a first year graduate student at the Pratt Institute for library science. Kerry worked at the Baldwin Library from January 2013 – August 2014, holding a variety of titles (depending on the day). Kerry not only designed this blog, but assisted with the Arthur Rackham Exhibit held in 2013, processed two archival collections (Louis Rhead Original Artwork and the Dodd, Mead and Company’s publisher contracts). She loves the smell of old books (especially mold) and is afraid of the dark areas of the stacks.

Abigail Davis, Contributing Author

Abigail (Abbie) Davis is a senior at the University of Florida, majoring in English Literature and Anthropology. She plans to attend graduate school for a dual degree in Children’s Literature and Library Science. Abbie began working at the Baldwin Library in the Summer of 2014, and will continue to do so in 2015. Her passions are doodling, binging on Netflix, and plotting ways to make the stacks her home. During the Fall, Abbie will be studying in England so look forward to some overseas posts!


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