Once there was a book…

It’s no Easter Bunny

In the course of the blog I’ve talked about many kinds of gifts and school awards but they don’t often coincide in the same book. While looking through the stacks for items for my online exhibit for the Baldwin (look for a link to it soon!) I came across this book and thought it would be perfect for the blog with the upcoming holiday.



The red rose and the white, or the story of the fifty years’ war between the houses of York and Lancaster by W. H. Davenport Adams. 1880, G. Routledge and Sons: London. 23h606


Yes, this is a book that was given to a student for Easter 1884! The book is The red rose and the white, or the story of the fifty years’ war between the houses of York and Lancaster which I think we can all agree is a fairly gruesome book to get for Easter- then again the holiday hadn’t been commercialized with fluffy bunnies and chicks quite yet.

Frederick Woodrow was awarded this book for his success in French at St. John’s School for Boys in Penge, England. This school opened in the local parish in 1837 and was at first mixed but with the addition of a new building was separated by gender. The Headmaster at the time was William A. G. Cook and he most likely gave out this award, and others like it, before the students left for the Easter holiday. I love that there is so much information in this paratext because it lets us so clearly visualize the child’s life, especially since we can look up the school based off the stamp at the top of the page.


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