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Inscription from Katharine’s Experience by Ellen L. Biscoe Hollis. 1869, Lothrop & Company: Boston. 23h10054

It’s interesting how when we need to jot something down– be it a number, idea, or grocery list- we’ll grab the nearest scrap of paper and scribble it down before the thought escapes us. I think something along these lines must have occurred when the author of these numbers wrote them down. I cannot make heads or tails of this scribbled list of random numbers inscription, something that could probably happen if someone in the future attempted to decipher my random notes and scribbles. It is interesting to see this example of the marks of hand within the book, and it stood out to me just because it is different from many of the inscriptions or marginalia in the Baldwin Library. The most common examples I have found are usually either a note that deals with gift giving or childish scribbles and doodles. This listing of numbers and the background lines do not fit into this usual cast of inscriptions and so it is almost like a puzzle. Who wrote it? Were they a child or an adult? Why did they write within this children’s book rather than on a scrap of paper? These questions will go unanswered, I fear, but this an interesting item all the same for the mystery that surrounds it.


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