Once there was a book…

A Warning against Thieves

 A Pretty New-Year’s Gift by Solomon Sobersides. 1796, Thomas, Thomas, & Son: Worcester. 15h8084 Diving into the stacks of the Baldwin can often feel like you’re on a treasure hunt: the … Continue reading

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It’s no Easter Bunny

In the course of the blog I’ve talked about many kinds of gifts and school awards but they don’t often coincide in the same book. While looking through the stacks … Continue reading

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Creative Coloring

Example of coloring from The Fairy Godmother’s and Other Tales by Mrs. Alfred Gatty. 1860, Bell and Daldy: London. 23h8340 One of my favorite things to find in the Baldwin … Continue reading

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School Scribbles

Modern Algebra: Third Semester Course by Webster Wells. 1929, Heath and Company: Boston. 23h53030 Ah grade school, how I miss thee. Back when I was in middle school and high school … Continue reading

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Checked-out at School

Textbook check-out page from Story Pictures of Transportation and Communication by John Y. Beaty. 1939, Beckley- Cardy Company: Chicago. 23h52854 What is it about grade school textbooks that just make us want … Continue reading

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Book Prizes

Bookplate from Steady and Strong by R. M. Freeman. 1891, Griffith Farran Browne & Co: London. 23h8120 When I was in elementary school we had a program where if a … Continue reading

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Keep it in the Family?

The spine from Jolly Good Times: or Child-life on a farm by P. Thorne. 1875, Roberts Brothers: Boston. 23h16924 Hey guys, today I want to show you a book I found recently … Continue reading

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